Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I've been up to these days

On some days I've looking to improve my conditioning with KB snatches and T-handle swings. Here is a video of me starting a set of snatches:

Also I've been using T-handle swings. Anybody wants to know what a T-handle is, here is a link from Dave Draper's website on how to construct one.

Since the weights I use are weights for Olympic bars, I had to adjust mine a little bit. I used 1 1/2" pieces for the loadable part and a 1 1/4" piece for the handle. I felt that a 1 1/2" nipple will be a little challenging on the grip. Here's a pic of it

One of the advantages of this device is that it can be loaded with some heavy weights, thereby deriving the benefits of heavy swings. Heavy swings are some the hardest "cardio" I've ever experienced. The only thing I've done that comes close to it are sprints carrying a concrete block. Here is a pic of it loaded with a 105#, which is the weight I'm using these days:

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