Monday, July 26, 2010

My training progress

As I stated in an earlier post, I've been using Power to the People for over two years now, to date the most I've ever deadlifted is 570# and the most I've ever side pressed is 100# on both left & right side. A progress update...

I lost some weight (and strength) during a fast I did earlier in the year. So I'm in the process of rebuilding that strength. On Friday, I tested my 1RM for the deadlift, and I was able to pull up 550#. So my strength is coming along. Today's workout

410# x 5 reps from a 4" deficit deadlift
370# x 5 reps from a 4" deficit deadlift

70# x 3 reps barbell military press
70# x 2 reps barbell military press
65# x 4 reps " " "
65# x 1 rep " " "

Shame on me for not having a stronger military press. To be honest, it's a very hard lift, but I will continue to work on it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glute activation screens/ exercises

A gym member asked me to work on her legs and glutes yesterday. Now, I did not totally screen her to check to see if she had proper movement patterns, but I didn't have to because I made her do the box squat as my 'screen' at a previous session and she had problems pushing her hips back. Now, if you have problems with that, I'm not letting you do anything squats until you can get your hips back and down.

So I started off with box squats with her. Now, she continued having problems, but then I realized it was a mental problem. She was afraid of losing balance and falling back. So I just let her put her hands out and hold on to a weight as a counterbalance. After this, box squats was no problem, as a matter of fact, she was able to squat down to the floor with no problems. One problem solved.

Next, what I did, under the guise of glute exercises, was screen her using some of the the screens in the DVD, Secrets of Core Training: the Backside

Let's just say she has some serious glute amnesia problems. However, I'm thinking of using the screens as corrective exercises so that when I put her to do deadlifts, she would be firing the glutes as she should be. I've got some questions to ask.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My a gym trainer and box squats

As I stated earlier, I got a job as a gym trainer. As a gym trainer, I have to make sure that users return their weights to their original place, spot members when they are doing their 'squats', continuously tell people that if their diet is not up to snuff, they would not get the results that they are looking for.....oh yeah, and I train a few people.

I expounded on the advantages of the face-the-wall squat. I may have to back-track a little bit. Now, the advantages of the face the wall squat are still there, just one minor disadvantage. It's difficult for some people. I've did a few sessions over the past three weeks with a couple of people, and I've come to the realization, thatsome people have such poor movement patterns that pushing their hips back is more difficult than it should be. Given that dilemma, I had to dust out part of my brain and teach an even simpler exercise called the box squat.

Now, the box squat is an exercise which teaches the movement pattern of pushing your hips back. This pattern is VERY IMPORTANT, especially if you want to do compound exercises like squatting and deadlifting. If you have this movement pattern down, the muscles which are supposed to be taking the bulk of the load (namely glutes and posterior chain) will do what it is supposed to do. I've found this video to be very helpful in teaching the box squat: