Saturday, June 4, 2011

Squats, swings and hard drives

I started a new squat cycle last week Wednesday. Did 280# today for 5 reps and 255# for 5 reps. Did T-handle swings on Tuesday, Thursday and today of this week. Also did my ladders for military presses and pullups during the week, heavy, light and medium days. I was only able to do deadlift walks on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I was only able to do squats and presses and this is the reason why.

On Tuesday, I saw a blue screen of death on my laptop with the error "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME". Which was really crappy because I was supposed to back up my data on my hard drive, but didn't. Also, I had some presentations saved on the HDD that I was to email the next day. Pressure. So on Wednesday, I was trying to find how can I fix my disk and get data from it. About fixing the disk, I found out that I need to do a 'CHKDSK' operation to fix the error, which required a Windows XP CD, which I couldn't find. If the error could not be fixed, it would indicate a hardware problem relating to my disk. With regards to recovering data from the disk, I researched all kinds of methods and software to recover data. My primary concern was to recover the presentations so I could send them. Eventually, I did recover them, by downloading an OS on my USB called Puppy Linux (I'm currently using it to write this) and mounted the HDD to recover the presentations. I emailed them, and then got down to the business of trying to fix the disk

On Wednesday night, I found the Windows XP CD. I loaded it and ran the CHKDSK operation. It confirmed my worst fears; the disk was definitely damaged. Also, apparently the CHKDSK operation did something to the disk, so that now it is not even being recognized by the BIOS and is giving a clicking sound. Now, not even using Puppy Linux can help. Now to find out what is wrong with the disk, I now have to open the disk to see if the problem is with the actuator etc, or with the PCB board. I would have done it, if I had the correct screwdriver. Unfortunately I don't. Also to possibly save the hard drive and get my data, I'll have to get parts from an identical hard drive. Hopefully, I can get a cheap one.

So nowadays, I'm using a USB drive with Puppy linux, to watch DVDs, go on the internet and edit my documents. Not ideal, but not too bad. However, I learnt the hard way to always backup data, especially data that is important.