Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OK?!! What next are they going to come up with?

Looking at the fitness industry, I've seen really groundbreaking products to the downright ridiculous. This one goes beyond ridiculous. It's called the Shake Weight. Have a look:

I think Kenny says it best about what I think of this :D

For those of you thinking of buying this FOR FITNESS PURPOSES (for other uses, the ball is in your court), my advice is 'Don't waste your $$$$$$$!'. At least I wouldn't. They are a joke, and they are downright lying to you. You might be better off with your pilates class.

My opinion is this, if you want to get ripped, defined or build muscle, lift heavy weights, eat lots of protein and fruits and do sprints (this is my twitter opinion, although I don't have twitter):

A time tested tool for building muscle

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