Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've reached my goal

Hello all,

My PTTP journey started on the 28/06/2008 with a starting deadlift of 270#. I got this program with the purpose of building strength without gaining much mass, as was advertised, more specifically lower body strength to help increase my VJ. I set a goal of a 600# deadlift to ensure that I had a good strength base to work with.

Yesterday, everything game together as I pulled up the 600# loaded bar off the ground.

I would like to thank Pavel, for writing PTTP. I'll still say it's one of the best strength training books ever written. To the DragonDoor forum, for giving me encouragement, pointers and tips along the way and most of all, I'll like to thank God for helping me to reach my goal without any major injuries. I hope from this post that people can get some sort of encouragement and realize that gaining strength is for anybody and everybody. If I can get stronger, anybody can.

As for what I'll do next, I'll still use the PTTP format, but do squats at least 2x a week and deadlift 2x a week with the barbell military press 4x a week. I'll also start the PM from ETK with my 16k and work up to doing the ROP. I know when I'm doing the ROP I'll have to back off on the PTTP format.

I really apologize for not having a video, but I hope to have a video of a 600# lift soon.

I'm still working on those military presses, though :D.


  1. Congrats on the 600# DL! It's a great accomplishment!
    When last did you test your VJ and how much better is it now compared to back in '08? In a previous post you mentioned you lost some weight due to fasting, what's your current weight, and did you gain any since '08?
    Also, glad to hear you are planning to squat. Now all we need to do is get you benching...

  2. My running VJ has gone from 19" to 26" so that's good. However, to get it up higher, I need to do some more explosive type work, which I plan to do with kettlebells, hoping that my financial situation improves soon. Failing that, I may do either plyometrics or start learning to do power cleans.

    As for my weight, my weight has been about the same from 2008, fluctuating at about 215#.