Sunday, November 22, 2015

Back to business

I'm back again. This time, this blog is going to take a somewhat different turn. I'v e switched my training to bodyweight. The initial reason was that I ordered a book from called 'Convict Conditioning'. This book got me excited about training with bodyweight as I realized the hidden potential that bodyweight training can provide. What also got me even more excited was the progressions that can take me from abject weakling to extraordinary levels of strength. Now I have other bodyweight books such as Building the Gymnastic Body by Christopher Sommer and the Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline. Both of these titles are great in their own right, but the progressions are not as clear cut as in Convict Conditioning. However, that will be another topic in another post.

Now, the main reason why I have stuck with bodyweight training is because of financial reasons. Due to un/underemployment, my finances have not been as sound as in the days when I was able to pay gym fees. Also, as I realized over time, that life gets in the way of training (new job, different schedule, change in responsibilities over time), I found that bodyweight training is usually the best way to be able to continue your training whenever life throws a spanner in the works. Also, bodyweight training is free or almost free. Usually, the piece of equipment that you may be spending money on, at least in my experience, will be a pullup bar or gymnastic rings and a couple of basketballs. Other than that, your body is your gym.

Trust me, I have a lot more to say on these topics. I will be either publishing a post or linking a video about these and other topics on this blog. However, to try to get things rolling again, here is a video of my outdoor training done recently. Enjoy.

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